Out from a turn-of-the-century cartoon, Pennywhistle evokes the silly symphonies and merry melodies of an earlier age while playing footloose and fancy free for a modern age.

Reaver is my attempt to create a horror or bestial font that doesn't conform to the traditional stereotypes of either.

A few have called it Geigeresque, and an earlier name for this font - Chupacabra - also inspired.

Inspired by the signage of one of the greatest theme park rides in the world (you know, the one with the song that you can't really get out of your head), The Happiest Cruise in Anaheim is sure to bring your small world of fonts closer. Whether a world of wonder or a world of cheer, the playful, quirky and childlike joy of the curves and lines will hopefully set your work on a journey through imagination!

Orthotopes is reminiscent of that ever-familiar 70s style sci-fi font whose name I cannot recall and probably doesn't look a thing like this anyway.

Cute and adorable, they're...Onigiri! Designed to evoke the cuteness of Japanese mascots with the informality of script, these little riceballs o' text are sure to please! Comes in Latin alphabet, hiragana, katakana and onigiri dingbats!