This font is a bit of an experimental one: while preparing for a commissioned font, I got my hands on some new digital brushes and decided to play around with them.  It came out beautifully in Illustrator...but didn't quite translate to my font making program like I intended.  Instead, it took on a rough, gritty and eerie look that I liked for different reasons.

Needless to say, this goes with a lot of rough, horrific and grimy things.  I hope you'll enjoy.

Out from a turn-of-the-century cartoon, Pennywhistle evokes the silly symphonies and merry melodies of an earlier age while playing footloose and fancy free for a modern age.

For the angular, blocky look, the future is Ferrocarbon! Designed primarily as a title font, I created it way back in 2013 and promptly forgot about, so I'm releasing it to the world now. it's meant to be used for your tech and sci-fi uses, but don't let us stop you there!

Cute and adorable, they're...Onigiri! Designed to evoke the cuteness of Japanese mascots with the informality of script, these little riceballs o' text are sure to please! Comes in Latin alphabet, hiragana, katakana and onigiri dingbats!

Inspired by the signage of one of the greatest theme park rides in the world (you know, the one with the song that you can't really get out of your head), The Happiest Cruise in Anaheim is sure to bring your small world of fonts closer. Whether a world of wonder or a world of cheer, the playful, quirky and childlike joy of the curves and lines will hopefully set your work on a journey through imagination!

This font is based on a lot of the downtempo culture in Paris. Smoky bars, jazz clubs, that sort of thing. How a font can be influenced by intangibles is a question that I can't quite answer, but I can say that when I created it, it strongly reminded me of a couple of times spent in Paris back in the mid-90s.