We are proud to announce that we've joined forces with Silhouette America to provide fonts and designs for all your crafting needs!  Check us out at the Silhouette Design Store!

Another day, another font appearance!

Well, this is a pleasant surprise: we were at Megami were informed that Youtube recording stars Vocal Bocal has been using our fonts!  In particular, they're using Vocaloid, an earlier version of our Shibuya Dancefloor font.

Wow. I'm honored. No, really. I've earned my place in history and didn't know it: apparently Megami Fonts are currently on display at the Klingspor Museum in Offenbach, Germany. The Klingspor is a museum devoted to modern (20th c. and beyond) typography and fonts. It hosts the work of many of the greats and those who are not so great, and now I can call myself blessed to stand amongst giants.

Because you asked, we listened: Incstone Design now makes OpenType fonts in addition to TrueType!  In previous years, we were not able to meet this demand due to our software, but due to recent upgrades, Incstone now offers the fonts in both formats!

As of this writing, only our Orthotopes and Voynich fonts are available in both, but we hope to make our whole catalog available soon, so stay tuned!